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Allergies: What A Pain!

agwpnWinter’s here. So are the coughs, headaches, sore throats, and sneezing caused by the most common diseases at this time of year–colds and the flu. Colds can strike any time of year, but the flu, which can be more …

Juvenile Arthritis – It’s A Real Thing

jnatsLife is full of little annoyances: your shrill alarm clock, your stuck locker door, the trampling herd rushing up the stairs past you as classes change. It can be stressful–tests, zits, passing driver’s ed, that really awful airball you threw …

Talking Fast Food

taffIt’s hard to beat fast food for speed and taste, but as far as nutrition goes…well, most of us try not to think about it when we’re feasting on french fries, shakes, and double cheeseburgers. But when eating in …

HIV And Teens: A Livable Curse

hivatnsMichele A. grew up in a middle class suburb of San Diego. Early in her teenage years, Michele drank alcohol and took some pills too. But then she decided to change her life. She decided to straighten out and attended …

Belly Breathing As A Method In Healing Panic Disorders

bbaamIf you suffer from panic disorder, you have probably felt like you’re losing air. Breathing is often disrupted when having a panic attack, so it is important to know how to breathe properly. Not all the people breathe in …

Ease Your Pain Caused By Rheumatoid Arthritis By Changing The Diet

ctdThe old Greek physicians knew that food can be a medicine that can cure diseases. In those ancient times, people knew that bad eating habits may influence people’s health. What we eat may heal us or make us sick. When …

How A Couple Got Together To Fight Prostate Cancer

You’re leading a happy, healthy life. Why should you be concerned about prostate cancer? My husband, Allan, and I weren’t either, until we received the devastating news from his doctor. Out of town at an antique music box convention, our

A Story About Alopecia

We kept reassuring him that it might grow back. What we didn’t say was that his condition could escalate into a more severe form.

For as long as I could remember, my son, Nick, had been missing a spot of

Looking Into Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer usually–but not always–grows slowly. It is best treated if still prostate-contained, but it usually manifests no symptoms until it’s spread beyond the prostate. Fortunately, medicine has developed early screening tools. In a digital rectal examination (DRE), the

You Can Beat The “Blues”

We all get the occasional blues–when we can’t fit into last summer’s swimsuit, for example, or after we’ve fallen out with an old friend. As human beings, it’s only natural we should feel our of sorts from time to time.

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